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 The TikTok Saga Would Be a Comedy if It Weren't So Tragic

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กันยายน 21, 2020, 09:33:04 AM
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The TikTok Saga Would Be a Comedy if It Weren't So Tragic
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The United States is ceding its position as a world technological power. For decades, the world’s brightest landed here to build. They chose the U.S. for a few simple reasons, among them access to world-class equipment and education, the ability to take high-paying tech jobs, and a business climate that rewarded the hard-working and lucky entrepreneur with potential riches.

That’s gone.

The TikTok saga has been, at best, a comedy. China, long considered the land of clones, had built something world-changing, and the U.S. and its benighted executive legislated it using tactics and tricks that come from some 1990s business playbook.